Finnish Aalto University -based Startup ecosystem has been effectively promoting Finnish and Nordic startup and innovation culture for a decade. With the initiatives such as Slush, Startup Sauna, Aaltoes and Junction the community of forward-minded entrepreneurs has been creating unique world-class projects and innovations.

One of these is Started as Startup Life in 2012, the program aimed to increase the international experience of students on entrepreneurship, startups and technology. The program has successfully sent over 120 students to Silicon Valley based startups. Since 2016 the program aimed to focus more on Asian markets. However to find the local partners, to manage the unique Chinese business environment remained challenging. With the help of Mingle Advisors, in Spring 2017, in less than 10 days of effective working, Startuplifers had created six partnerships with Shanghai and Hangzhou local hubs, 3 visible events, a revised China strategy, new Chinese branding materials and a list of 30 local Chinese partners. In fast speed Mingle introduced Lifers to the Chinese local partners in Chinese, by focusing on the Chinese needs and explaining how through Startuplifers the locals can solve their company and international challenges.

The project also helped Startuplifers to redirect their strategic focus in China and make organizational reforms, which enabled them to send first students to China already in winter 2017-2018.