We live in a world full of data. From every move we make to every breath we take, data surrounds, fills, and compounds upon nearly everything that exists in our world.

Today, many eager tech companies work to harness the power of technology to take this data to the next level. Thus, industries around big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning were born.

While each industry and field has its own players, today we wanted to focus on a special company straight out of Finland that is changing the way we think about sports and team performance. It is a pleasure to introduce AISpotter, video analytics and AI company that is mastering team performance not only in Finland but around the world and in China as well.



AISpotter has developed a time-saving, fast service for coaches all around the world. Combining high-end technology with sports such as football, ice hockey, and more, AISpotter gives coaches real-time analysis and the power to be one step ahead in team development.

Hailing from Oulu, Finland, a tech capital of Northern Finland and home to some of the most innovative and experimental technology in the world, AISpotter has taken highly acclaimed Machine Vision Group technology accrued over 30 years at University of Oulu and adapted it to improve the way we approach, practice, and perform sports.


Picture: Maiju Pohjanheimo for Kaleva.fi











This year, AISpotter is ready to take their internationalization to the next level and will make their first visit to China supported by Mingle Advisors. Their delegation will take part to China-Finland Winter Sport Year 2019 opening event which will be held in Beijing from January 14th until January 16th. Stay tuned to get more insights into this event!

This occasion is an exciting opportunity for AISpotter as they keep continuously working with more and more teams and coaches in a wider range of sports, but it also marks an important trend of Finnish technology and innovation entering to the Chinese market.

While Oulu remains a tech powerhouse, the majority of the startups and entrepreneurs are looking to make their rise to fame through expansion into either European or Asian markets.

As Oulu and Finland’s relations with China continue to develop, especially through startup, innovation, and technology, Mingle Advisors expects to see many more stories similar to AISpotter and also more opportunities for innovative Finnish tech startups to launch their business in China.


Visit AISpotter’s website at  www.aispotter.com

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