FutureFly is a social AR and 3D studio, built up of veterans from the gaming scene & computer vision specialists. Focusing on social, chat, avatars and AR tech trends, they innovate mobile app categories with game mechanics at the core; Increasing fun, engagement and monetization.

FutureFly products

Rawr messenger http://www.rawrmessenger.com/

EatMessage http://www.eatmessage.com/

Pocket Peeps https://itunes.apple.com/fi/app/pocket-peeps-act-out-in-anonymous-chatrooms/id1204274069?mt=8

Dubface https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dubface/id1284479546?mt=8


In 2017 Spring Mingle Advisors hosted a prestigious Finnish Game and entertainment tech company FutureFly in China. Mingle designed an ambitious and competitive week-program to support FutureFly new China plans forward. The goal was to meet as many key influencers, investors and decisions-makers from the top Chinese industry-leading organizations. With careful preparations Mingle organized and arranged top-class meetings with top Alibaba and Tencent representatives, and supported with investor meetings with companies such as Netease and Jinke. Besides Mingle introduced FutureFly to our partner TechCode, to pitch to competitive crowd of investors and startup influencers. Mingle also organised a business culture introduction on China and arranged all the practicalities during the week with smooth transitions from airports to hotels to meetings in four different cities and 12 destinations. We also prepared for meetings and events and assisted with industry and China-related introductions, translations, took meeting notes, and gave thorough feedback after each meeting.


With a special startup-friendly budget, we arranged successfully the planned meetings, introductions and helped FutureFly to have an insightful itinerary and wide-range of effective meetings in China. As a result, the company advanced its investor negotiations to the next level, acquired in a fast pace a unique understanding on four different regions in China, got a new local battle-touch on Chinese markets, and helped to take its Asia strategy forward. With direct contacts with local partners, without any government affiliation needed, Mingle succeeded in creating a close relationship, match and follow-up with both Tencent and Alibaba and introduce FutureFly to over 30 key industry-leaders, potential customers, partners and investors.