Mingle Advisors team had a lovely day trip to Beijing, Zhongguancun, to meet with more excellent regional Chinese leaders, in the context of the “Two Sessions” and how to land China’s new ambitious directions on a local level.


Green Energy Revolution is happening and we need to get China on board for this global fight against climate change. Shanxi Province is the hub of much of China’s energy resources, and if they cannot rejuvenate and “revolutionize” the coal and energy industry, some say, probably neither will China. The battle needs to be won in the small villages and regional centers – with the support of the central government, and a few innovative local and international players.


Special thanks to ZPark, Zhiku and our innovative team in Beijing and Shanxi for yet again fascinating intros and support.


Do you want to know more about The Green Revolution? Click to watch the video below!




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