A Finnish duo of startup-minded China entrepreneurs from Finland wished to seek an increased cooperation with local Chinese partners. Mingle Advisors held a several rounds of in-depth talks and analyzed their field and opportunities in China. Mingle took Radii to several partners in 4 different areas, in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xian and Northern China, with partners such as Alibaba, Tsinghua Science Park, Tencent and local co-working spaces and investment organizations. With a package of seven days of consultation Radii had found out a suitable partner through Mingle and established their local base in Shanghai with SIMIT Incubator. Mingle helped Radii to establish quickly a trust with the partner, pitch directly to the key decision-makers and ideate a best possible co-operation model that suited both partners. Mingle also helped to bring Chinese investors to Finland for direct pitching and to co-organize a startup event. Mingle also supported Radii to reiterate their business model in China.

As a result, Radii reached a permanent base in Shanghai with the chosen partner, discounted offer and a trust-relationship in a short time. With the accelerated China rise, Radii received a seed investment of 500k RMB, which has helped them to expand and scale the business both in Finland and China.