The beginning of April marked the official visit of the University of Oulu Delegation with Dean of the Faculty of Education Kati Makitalo, Deputy Dean Sari Harmoinen and Director Eva Raudasoja.

The main goal of the visit was the promotion of the Finland education system and educational policies, mutual learning, collaborations and exchanges, early childhood education and volunteering opportunities all in the name of elevating to the next level the Hangzhou-Oulu sister collaboration. Meaningful and deep discussions were held amongst the participants where we got the opportunity to see the sister cities, Hangzhou and Oulu, Finland and China from a new and different point of view.

On their first day, the Delegation visited the Hangzhou Normal University.

Hosts Dean Bobby Wu, Director Ruan Xiaobo and the leaders and teachers of the Institute of Education and the Education department, toured the campus and the facilities of the HZNU with the Delegation and presented the educational, technological and cultural character that the University exhibits.

The day was marked by meetings between the two Universities where further collaborations and cultural promotions were discussed.

The second day was reserved for the visit of the Wucheng Primary School, which is affiliated to the Hangzhou Normal University. We talked about the primary school education and staff exchange, all with the goal of further improving and learning from the Chinese and Finnish education.


Together with the school leaders we toured the campus of the school, visited the library, art gallery and attended teacher Jessica’s English class.

Visit to the Zhejiang University took place the following day,in the morning.The afternoon was reserved for the visit and meetings with the leaders of the 14th Middle School.

Topics like student and staff exchange programs were further discussed with the leaders of the Universities and the Middle School.

On their last day in Hangzhou, the Delegation visited Hangzhou Normal University where the Dean of the Faculty of Education Kati Makitalo gave a speech. She talked about creativity, problem solving and further learning, different ways of communication and skills for living and being truly competitive in today’s world.

The afternoon and evening were reserved for the visit to the China-Finland Technology Park and a tour with William and the visit to the Goodysky Company where we discussed about further internship collaboration and opportunities for Finnish students in China.

After long days full of meetings, the Delegation also found time to enjoy some cultural activities; we went sightseeing and had a tour of the beautiful West Lake and visited a tea house where we enjoyed the very famous and local Longjing tea.

The week was full of interesting encounters and conversations and we look forward to see all the positive outcomes of the future collaborations.

We would like to thank our hosts and teachers, the Hangzhou government and University of Oulu Delegation for making this week a highlight for all of us at Mingle Advisors.

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