Lauri Tammi, the CEO of Mingle Advisors gave a speech to the Chinese students and Scholars Association of Aalto University (CSSA).  In this speech, he shared the experiences he has had with his team in China about “Finland and China Cooperation”. He also helped people to have a more clear understanding of the Chinese Market, and offer information about how foreign companies/talents get into it. Besides that, Lauri introduced a few key industries that both Finland and China are focusing on.

Aalto University is where science and art meet technology and business. They have campuses located in Espoo and Greater Helsinki. The Aalto University community is made up of 12000 students, 400 professors and close to 4000 other faculty and staff in six schools. Aalto University is the best and most innovative in Finland because of the amount of many different companies and startups they have under one roof and the great base for creating and launching them. Strong networking opportunities are also naturally some of the stronger suits of the University. 

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