China’s biggest news outlet, Xinhua, just visited Mingle Advisors office and interviewed Lauri Tammi, the Finnish CEO of Mingle Advisors, about his life and work in Hangzhou.

Why does he admire this city? Why does he develop his business in Hangzhou, a modern and historical city?

Xinhua created this nice video on the common journey of Lauri and Hangzhou together.

An ecosystem supports the growth and development of newly founded companies, such as Mingle Advisors. Local friends support and give new energy.

Local government provide support, ideas, introductions, even financial support in some selected projects. Some policies are very advanced.

Lauri, CEO of Mingle Advisors, likes to bicycle every day to his office just next to the beautiful West Lake. 

For Lauri, running a company and living in Hangzhou can have major benefits. The cooperation between government, universities and private side create interesting innovations.

In Hangzhou there’s not only technology and entrepreneurship, but also rich culture, arts, nature and history.

China is developing really rapidly and Hangzhou is a fascinating window to that development.

Mingle Advisors team is happy and proud to keep supporting Finnish and global companies and governments in bridging even more cooperation between China and the world.

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