“I believe that chasing youth is the greatest dream of humanity, and chasing the younger generation is our confidence in the future.” – Dr. Wang Jian

Yunqi2050, also referred to as 2050, is a non-governmental non-profit project that represents our hopes and imagination towards the future. The name 2050 represents the number of imaginations and is a code for a particular year that is neither too far nor too near the present day.

The project is operated under Hangzhou Yunqi Science and Technology Foundation, founded by Dr. Wang Jian who is also known as the former CTO of Alibaba and Founder of Alibaba Cloud. The first three-day 2050 Conference was held in May 2018 in Alibaba Cloud Town in Hangzhou and it attracted over 20,000 young and innovative people from all around the world.

Mingle CEO Lauri Tammi shaking hands with Dr. Wang Jian. Mingle Advisors has worked closely with Dr. Wang and his team since fall 2018 regarding Yunqi2050 and other interesting projects.


2050 Reunion  

This year, the annual 2050 Conference will be organized from April 26th until 28th. However, “2050 Conference is not a conference. 2050 is all about REUNION.” states Dr. Wang Jian, also a 2050 volunteer himself. It will be a grand gathering of people who are eager to stand in the spotlight to discuss innovation and look to the future with a young mind.

During the reunion, you can listen to the forums, view the expo, date someone you like, do sports, sleep in a tent, and most importantly, spend time with other interesting people from all backgrounds and various fields of expertise!


Mingle Advisors and Yunqi2050 team at the New Year Party
hosted by Zhejiang Satellite TV Channel


The key spirit of Yunqi2050 is volunteer. After all, the whole 2050 project was initiated by multiple volunteer individuals and organizations. All of the 2050 contributors and participants are defining and practicing the “volunteer” spirit in their own unique way.

They are encouraged to put their time, efforts, resources, experiences, and creativity into what they believe without forgetting their smile. Reminiscing his own youth, Dr. Wang Jian sees Yunqi2050 as his humble contribution to the world. Mingle Advisors will show their “volunteer” spirit by supporting the 2050 team in their efforts to make 2050 Reunion the coolest event of the year!



Visit 2050’s website and buy your tickets here!

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